How to Add a YouTube Subscribe Button in WordPress
January 10, 2022

If you own a website and a YouTube channel, you’re most likely gonna promote your YouTube channel on your website. Usually, people would use an image of a subscribe button with a hyperlink to their YouTube channel.

But it would be better to take it a step further – like subscribing to your channel without leaving your website!


But now you’re wondering… “how can I get my website visitors to subscribe to my YouTube channel without leaving my website?”

In today’s blog, you’ll learn how to add a YouTube Subscribe Button on WordPress in 3 EASY STEPS!…

Let’s begin.

Step 1: Getting your YouTube Channel ID

To get your Channel ID, Go to YouTube, and at the top-right, click your YouTube profile.

After clicking the YouTube profile, look down the profile tab a little bit, and you should see Settings!

After clicking Settings, click on Advanced Settings – which you will find on the left-hand side of your screen.

After that, this is what you will see:

Then copy the Channel ID by clicking COPY

Now that you copied your Channel ID, we can move on to STEP 2!

BUT WAIT… I can show you another way to get your Channel ID with one click, and that’s by installing the TubeBuddy Chrome Extension!

Once you’ve installed the extension, go back to your YouTube Channel, and you should see this:

Simply click the TubeBuddy logo on the top-right.

Then you will get a popup showing Sign-In with YouTube… Click it!

After that, you should be redirected to Gmail to sign in with your email account!

Once you’re signed into TubeBuddy, go back to your YouTube channel and refresh the page.

Under the stats of your YouTube channel, you should see your Channel ID here:

(Highlight the Channel ID and Copy it)


Ctrl + C (to copy)

Ctrl + V (to paste)


Cmd + C (to copy)

Cmd + V (to paste)

So next time you want to get your Channel ID again, you can get it in a click by visiting your YouTube channel.

Now we got that out of the way, we can finally move on to STEP 2!

Step 2: Configuring a YouTube Subscription Button

To get your YouTube subscription button, go visit the Google Developers site.

What is Google Developers you ask?

Google Developers is where you can access tools for web developers. From there, you will find information about upcoming events and news – along with a collection of tools to help you build and monetize web apps!

Once you’re on the Google Developers site, click on YouTube!

After clicking on YouTube, scroll down a bit, and you should see Subscribe Buttons.

Click it!

And this is what you get:

Where you see Channel name or ID, paste your Channel ID by pressing Ctrl + V or Cmd + V.

At the bottom, it should show your YouTube channel’s sub count!

If you want your YouTube channel’s profile picture to show up, look at the setting titled as Layout and change default to full.

Again, you can customize it to however you want your Subscription to look to your visitors.

Once your YouTube Subscribe Button looks good, copy the code underneath it!

Simply click on any part of the code in the box and press:


Ctrl + A (selects all the code)


Cmd + A (selects all the code)

Then press Ctrl + C or Cmd + C to copy the code.

Lastly, STEP 3!

Step 3: Add Embed Code to WordPress Using a Widget

Now that you copied the code – go to your WordPress Dashboard.


Then navigate to Appearance and click Widgets.

Once you’re on Widgets, navigate to the sidebar block and add a block called Custom HTML.

After adding the Custom HTML block, press Ctrl + C or Cmd + V to paste your code!

And click Update!

You should be able to see your subscribe button wherever you have your widgets enabled.


So now that you know how to add a YouTube subscribe button in WordPress, your visitors can easily subscribe to your YouTube channel without leaving your website! I hope this helped, and if it did, please share this with your family and friends!

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