How to Import and Export a Page in WordPress Using Divi
March 28, 2022

Hello everyone!… And in today’s tutorial, I’m gonna show you how to import and export a page in WordPress using Divi. So without wasting any time, let’s get into it!

Exporting a Page

From your WordPress dashboard, navigate to Pages and click it.

After clicking Pages, select a page you want to export.

Once you’ve decided what page you want to export, click the page!… Now that you’re on the page, we can move on to exporting it – simply click the Portability icon as shown below:

Then you’ll get a popup – you should be on Export, then title the page whatever you want. Once you’ve titled the page, click Export Divi Builder Layout.

At the bottom-left, you should see a json file already downloaded!… Now click the small arrow next to the json file and click Show in Folder; hence, bringing you to where it’s located.

Now that you’re on the folder it’s located in, we can move on to importing the json file into a page!

Importing a Page

Go back to the page you selected and click the Portability icon again.

After clicking the Portability icon, click Import, and open the folder that has the json file… Then click & hold the file – while clicking and holding the json file, drag it onto NO FILE SELECTED.

Once you dragged it onto NO FILE SELECTED and it changes to the file’s name, you can then click Import Divi Builder Layout(Just let it load, and it will be uploaded to the page)

Once the json file is successfully imported to your page, scroll down while looking at the right side of your screen, and click Update… Once the page is updated, you’re done!


So now that you know how to import and export a page, I really hope this helped – if it did, feel free to share this with your Family and Friends! Thanks for reading, and we’ll meet again in the next blog 🙂

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